Easy Banner Creator (Free Edition)

Easy Banner Creator (Free Edition) 1.0

Easy Banner Creator (Free Edition) can create animated or static banners

Easy Banner Creator (Free Edition) can create animated or static banners.
By using it, you will be able create rectangular banners with a text and a background. The program will let you select the banner´s width and height, in pixels. You can choose between three background styles: a solid color, a gradient of colors or a picture (the program includes several samples). If the size of the picture differs from the size you selected for your banner, you can adjust it by selecting the "Stretch" box. You can include the text you want, choosing the font name, size, color, attributes, and the color and depth of the text shade. "Running Text" is the only animation offered in this free version of the program. You can choose the direction in which the text will run in and out of the banner, how many frames will the banner show (selecting a higher number will produce smoother movement), and the delay between frames.

When everything is OK, Easy Banner Creator will let you export your banner to an animated GIF, a format that will allow you to show movement when displaying the banner through a web browser. You can also save your project in EBC´s proprietary format, to keep on working on it later.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It lets you create a simple banner very quickly


  • You cannot enter more than a line in the text, or include an image
  • There is only one effect available
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